Gorge Artists is the founder of the Gorge Artists Open Studio Tour, a yearly public tour of area art studios with the goal of showcasing the wonderful art of the Gorge artists and providing an insight into the environment in which art is created.

 Gorge Artists Inc., is a not-for-profit corporation. It launched with sponsorship from The Dalles Art Center, a grant from the Wasco County PUD, and the work of volunteer organizers and founders. It was founded by John Maher, Pat Bozanich and Marian Dyche in 2006.

Gorge Artists Board Members: Jan Byrkit, Charlene Fort, Kathryn Watne, Juris Sarins, Leah Hedberg, Joanna Kaufman, Karen Watson,
Jan Meyer, Kristi Heck, Stephanie Johnston, Ted Olson


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